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Lucky Billionaire

Lucky Billionaire is a Social gaming and Hyper casual genre game, in which players can take part in various engaging gameplay activities.
Interesting facts
4.9 Star Rating on App Store
Engaging NFT-based Gameplay
Built In-House

RedPill has developed the Lucky Billionaire game – an addictive and fun slot spin game that combines various engaging elements to keep players motivated through exciting challenges and rich rewards.

The multiple cards that players can win through each slot spin give them access to new buildings that upgrade their islands and revenue. Lucky Billionaire also features a series of challenging mini-games in the form of events lasting for several days each, allowing players to win valuable prizes and in-game boosts. Players can also visit friends’ islands and search for hidden treasures.

In addition to the above mechanics, players of Lucky Billionaire can grow and upgrade a cute pet. The pet acts as an important in-game element, providing bonuses, one-time rewards, and permanent buffs. As players upgrade their pets and endow them with unique abilities, their island prospers, and the rewards players receive multiply.

Our Contribution

RedPill Studio contributed to the Lucky Billionaire project by taking on the initial concept and creating a multi-platform mobile game that allows thousands of users to simultaneously play slots, chat, receive gifts, visit islands, erect buildings, decorate the environment, and more.

The team released two versions of the game for mobile devices on iOS and Android, maintaining the true spirit of on-the-go entertainment.

The designers at RedPill Studio created and finalized the concepts of in-game assets, including collectible cards and slot machines along with the user interface.

RedPill Studio implemented the randomizer for card draws that guarantees the random nature of all slot spins.

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