Our studio develops computer games in the top genres of social casino and hyper-casual. The number of our players is only growing every day all over the world.
Red Pill Studio
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Cutting-edge technologies
In our studio, we use only the most advanced and recent technologies. We prefer the modern Unity 3d engine, which has already become a standard and has proven its performance as a principal game development platform. Moreover, our specialists keep up with the trends of the Unity community and implement the most advanced technological solutions of the development environment and the Unity engine. Our developers have experience in AR / VR projects, but our focus is mainly on mobile development for the mainstream Google Play and App Store platforms. Among the technologies, we implement Unity 3d, Unity Cloud Infrastructure, AWS, Microsoft Playfab, ELK, Power BI, Node.js, akka.io.
On the edge of mobile game development trends
We have no problem creating a game for any platform and in any genre. However, keeping up with the market trends, we are focusing on the development of modern hyper-casual and social casino mobile games as a service for Android and iOS platforms.
Strong team
The core of the team consists of specialists who have worked on the top mobile projects such as Wargaming, BigFish, The Digital Lounge, SocialQuantum, and others. Solid expertise allows us to develop high-quality products bringing joy and fun to all our players. People play our games throughout the world, and a growing number of players join our projects every day. We do also benefit from the extensive experience of our programmers and software architects in the development and design of high-load distributed systems when developing and maintaining the server infrastructure for our players. Our studio uses advanced approaches and a technology stack similar to the solutions of large-scale enterprise products and banking during the development of server solutions.
Extensive experience
Our specialists' expertise allows us to develop the top games engaging the users. At the moment, we are working on projects in one of the top genres - social casino.

Our artists create content qualitatively distinguishing us from our competitors. Detailed and thoughtful analysis of user behavior enables our game designers to create a truly interesting and exciting gaming experience.
Focus on quality
Our team applies the most up-to-date standards and approaches to development. The focus on quality and the application of agile methodology allows us constantly improving and creating decent products even in the rapidly changing market of mobile game development. We always focus on the quality of our products, so we have a strong team of Quality Assurance Engineers. We believe that, together with the experience of programmers, a high-quality product is created only by paying maximum attention to quality control and product stability.
Agile software development
Agile practices have become a standard and a necessity for the survival of startups and large companies. We use it natively and on an ongoing basis. Our managers have been trained and experienced in managing projects and teams for such large-scale companies as EPAM, Wargaming, and SocialQuantum.
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