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Senior Game UI/UX Designers 5
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  • Location:
    Ukraine, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain
  • Languages:
    English, Russian, Ukrainian
  • Cooperation:
  • Team:
    Management & Operations
Superpowers you have are:
  • 7+ years of experience in managerial roles in the game dev industry
  • Exceptional leadership and motivational skills
  • Extensive knowledge of all aspects of game dev projects, bidding, budgeting, and their production
  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to find creative solutions in complex situations
  • Excellent communication and networking skills
  • Fluent in oral and written English
  • Flexible, stress-resistant, able to prioritize and cope with last-minute changes
  • Results-oriented mindset
Becoming a part of RED PILL team you will:
  • Work directly with the Head of Art Division and managers of business lines to define the development strategies across the Division;
  • Take part in designing and implementing financial performance plans and business models to achieve business targets which include revenue and operating profit;
  • Take responsibility and accountability for the successful execution of all projects in the Division, ensuring all projects are produced at the highest quality level, on time, and within budget;
  • Risk mitigation on the projects across the studio;
  • Be in charge of crisis management on the projects across the studio;
  • Maintain and develop business relationships with production partners on the project level;
  • Determine and manage specific production needs to ensure the Art Producers teams’ learning and growth;
  • Set processes and standards of workflows across all production teams;
  • Supervise and manage costs on a project and Art Producers department levels;
  • Help select technologies with the Art Producer, Technical Director and Art Director on Key Projects;
  • Work with Recruitment team on management of internal and external talents across productions;
  • Attend game conferences and sales trips.

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