Our team
RedPill Studio has a large international team of 40+ professionals from various fields, like Gamedev, Art and Blockchain. Due to the size of our staff, we can form independent teams, catering to the specific needs of our clients, without sacrificing the efficiency of the development process of our current projects.
CEO, Founder
As a blockchain enthusiast and early adopter, Dima has been involved in game development for more than 15 years and participated in many top-tier projects. At Chimeras, Dima handles game development issues and oversees all operational processes.
Since 2019 Svyatoslav has been working as a key server engineer, carried out design, development, and support of back end clusters for mobile games in wargaming. From the 2021 CTO in Red pill . Hands on with java, scala, akka.io, AWS, Apache Ignite, PostgreSQL.
Art Lead
With over 20 years of experience in design, email and affiliate marketing, Dan is responsible for setting the overall style of the Chimeras project and visual strategy maintenance. His experience as Art Lead gives him insight into user requirements and perception of the game from concept to implementation.
Nadine handles strategic partnerships and maintains relations with stakeholders of the Chimeras, supporting a positive project reputation. Her natural ability to establish rapport and strive to help fuel her passion for communication.
Sergio has years of internet marketing experience and takes on the role of head of marketing at Chimeras, helping the project get promoted on a global scale. His budgeting skills and ability to negotiate give him the insight and competence needed to ensure project success among various audiences around the world.
Vaden is the marketing communications specialist responsible for maintaining contacts with more than 100 bloggers and organizing the interaction process. His work experience extends to marketing, web analytics, communications, public relations, and networking. At Chimeras, he works with such leading placement platforms as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Instagram, and others, creating visibility for the project.
QA Lead
Lina is the engineer who studies, analyzes, and updates the technical documentation making Chimeras run smoothly. Her experience in user support and task analysis allows her to test all the levels of the game and make sure all key components interact without bugs or downtime.
3D Artist
Alexandra is a 3D artist with 5 years of experience. On our projects Alexandra is responsible for the whole pipeline: modeling, sculpting, retopology, texturing and prepping models for animation. She is specialized in characters and props in various styles from handpainted to photorealism.
3D Animator
Daria is a 3D animator with 4 years of experience, responsible for rigging, skinning and animation. Previously worked on Black Book, Pathfinder: Kingmaker and Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.
Lead Animator
Garry has been working in animation since 2008, and in-game development since 2018. Previously worked on the animated show The Fixies.
2D Generalist Artist
Kate is a UI/UX designer and Artist Generalist with a Master’s degree in graphic design with 3 years of experience.
3D Artist
Lana is a 3D artist and graphic designer with 5 years of experience Responsible for various tasks from 3D modeling, to creating artworks and UI. Previously worked on World War Z, Aima Warms, Life Story - Interactive Game, Revelation. Specializes in creating 3D characters and props, creating signature style, artworks and video editing.
2D Artist
Andrew is a 2D artist with vast experience in many visualization and illustration programs. He has previously collaborated as a lead animator with top companies. At Chimeras, he makes concepts of buildings and objects.
UI/UX Specialist
Tim has been developing UI/UX interfaces since 2013 and has implemented more than 100 projects. He has a background in user psychology, color perception, strategic development, and layout prototyping. At Chimeras, Timur is responsible for interface optimization, user element development, and ensuing testing.
QA Specialist
Fred has 6+ years of experience in quality assurance, including web and mobile projects. His main responsibility is testing backend services of our projects.
QA Specialist
Oliver hunts for bugs in the Chimeras game and makes sure no elements of the interface or core mechanics fail. His experience in compliance testing and integration process management makes him the ideal candidate for making the Chimeras project perform consistently and smoothly.
Unity Developer
Lead Unity Developer
Backend Developer
Unity Developer
Full-stack Developer
Unity Developer
Web Developer
Backend Developer
VFX Artist
Lead Game Designer
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