RedPill creates engaging online games, vibrant metaverses and blockchain applications that utilize the latest technology.
NFT Staking
  • Redpill has developed the NFT Staking function for the Chimeras Metaverse game. The function is designed to allow players to stake their in-game items in NFT format and receive rewards in the form of tokens.
  • The RedPill art team has created a complete cinematic trailer for the Chimeras Metaverse game.
Asset Generator
  • The Asset Generator is an internal utility of the Chimeras Metaverse project. The utility is specifically designed to allow the generation of new Chimeras – the indigenous characters of the game’s fantasy world.
Website-Facilitated Token Purchases
  • The RedPill studio team implemented the purchase of native Chimera Metaverse CHIM tokens directly through the game’s website.
  • TrainCraft is a game based on a simple scroll-along concept adopted from the classic Snake game. The RedPill Studio development team undertook the complete overhaul of the mechanics and art style of the TrainCraft.
  • Chimeras is a Play-to-Earn blockchain-based Metaverse that thrusts players into a world of rich lore and unique NFT creatures.
NFT Marketplace
  • The NFT Marketplace is a dedicated venue allowing players to buy in-game assets using tokens.
Lucky Billionaire
  • Lucky Billionaire is a Social gaming and Hyper casual genre game, in which players can take part in various engaging gameplay activities.
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