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Chimeras Game

  • 5.0 Star Rating in App Store/Play Market
  • 24.6% Retention D1 (in casual games)
  • 17K E-mail Newsletter Outreach
  • Tier-1 Casual Game
  • Variety of Unique Characters
  • Unique Farm & Game Mechanics
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A engaging Metaverse set in a colorful fantasy world with rich lore and unique NFT creatures.

Chimeras Game
Chimeras Game

Our Contribution

Every aspect of the game from the design to visuals to the blockchain aspect was created completely in-house. The game supports an unlimited number of players and can be easily scaled on the fly, while smart contracts and the cross-chain support allow the management of the assets and tokens.

Key Points
  • Mobile Game (iOS + Android)
  • In-game DeFi
  • Multichain dApp
  • User Generated NFT Content & Rewards
Game Concept

The Lore of Chimeras explores the genesis of the magical world of the Chimeras Metaverse. By delving into the Lore, players are given an emotional and spiritual binding to the world, its backstory, and the creatures inhabiting it. 

The many tribulations described in the Lore provide a powerful incentive to care for the characters and create the feel of a vibrant, fleshed-out universe.  The epic events in the Lore, the foundation for the magical essence of the land, and the believable characters set the premise for the world players are thrust into.


The RedPill development team created and implemented the mining mechanics within the Chimeras Metaverse game. The Mining feature allows players to send their Chimeras into mines and extract valuable resources that are later used in-game.


The Alchemy feature was developed from the ground up by the RedPill development team for the Chimeras Metaverse as an addictive and complex game element. Alchemy allows players to mix various magical ingredients to brew objects that are later used in-game as boosts and upgrades applied to Chimeras.


The Battle function developed by the RedPill studio team constitutes a key element of Chimeras Metaverse gameplay. By sending their Chosen One into the Arena, players are given the opportunity to clash with other players in turn-based battles. The feature includes fully animated battle scenes accompanied by colorful special effects that add to the vibrant color palette of the game’s art style.

Breeding & Upgrade

Players of the Chimeras Metaverse game were given the opportunity to breed and upgrade their Chimeras and Chosens via a special function developed by the RedPill studio team. The Breeding function allows players to cross their Chimeras in NFT format and get new NFT creatures with unique abilities and designs.


Players of Chimeras have access to two powerful timed effects that affect Chimeras – the Blessings that provide Chimeras with a positive effect for a limited amount of time, and the Curses with negative effect spells that can be removed by healing.


The RedPill development team is developing the Land feature in the Chimeras Metaverse, allowing players to build their islands and decorate them with various buildings. The Islands are also tradable NFT assets that can be purchased or sold.

We can develop ready-made projects from the ground up by leveraging our experience or help expand your.
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We can develop ready-made projects from the ground up by leveraging our experience or help expand your.
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