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TrainCraft Game

  • 5.0 Star Rating in App Store/Play Market
  • 137K Socials Outreach
  • 17K E-mail Newsletter Outreach
  • Engaging Casual Gameplay
  • Interesting Game Elements
  • Deep Upgrades and Customization
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A Metaverse game set in a post-apocalyptic underground world, where players will pilot their DigTrains, look for resources and avoid dangerous monsters.

TrainCraft Game

Our Contribution

RedPill studio created the projects from the ground up, designing the game’s core mechanics, art style, tokenomics and laid the foundation to integrate an NFT Marketplace, Staking and other features.

TrainCraft Game

Configuration – players can configure their Digger Train’s layout of wagons and engines in the manner that suits them best, but it will affect mission outcomes and yield.

Upgrades allow players to constantly improve their Digger Train’s components.

Resources collection – players need to pummel their way through crumbling labyrinths while facing a slew of dangers.

Hazards lie in wait around every corner of the maze of underground labyrinths players venture through, as monsters can quickly reduce the player’s train characteristics.

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