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  • 100% Positive Reaction on YouTube
  • 85 Characters on the Screen Simultaneously
  • 79 Unique Shots
  • 4 Months Production Cycle
  • Created Fully In-House
  • Highlights Core Gameplay
  • Illustrates the Game’s Artstyle


An in-house created CGI cinematic trailer that introduces the world and aesthetic of the Chimeras Metaverse.

Our Contribution

RedPill Studio went through a full-cycle process of developing and creating a cinematic trailer for Chimeras Metaverse, including a script, storyboards, character detailing and animations.

Chimeras Metaverse Full-Length Cinematic Trailer

The Redpill studio team created the trailer from the ground up through a full-cycle development process involving script writing, storyboard sketching, character detailing and animation, and soundtrack layover.

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