Asset Generator

The Asset Generator is an internal utility of the Chimeras Metaverse project. The utility is specifically designed to allow the generation of new Chimeras – the indigenous characters of the game’s fantasy world. The Asset Generator includes a Random function that results in the creation of Chimeras with a random combination of characteristics, colors, and textures. The DNA function allows the creation of Chimeras based on specific parameters through their manual selection and combination with the character model.
Interesting facts
Able to Create Complex Assets
Various Methods of Export
Works with 2D and 3D Assets
Our Contribution

The RedPill studio team has created the programming code for the 3D Generator and incorporated it into the project’s development interface to streamline character creation and integration into the game.  The tool allows the creation of an infinite number of assets for projects or web platforms of different complexity and purpose.

The 3D assets generated by the software support skeletal 3D animation. The generation of both 2D and 3D assets is supported along with text descriptions for subsequent export in image format, as videos, or directly to a Unity project, retaining flexible asset setup and high variability. 

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