NFT Staking

Redpill has developed the NFT Staking function for the Chimeras Metaverse game. The function is designed to allow players to stake their in-game items in NFT format and receive rewards in the form of tokens. The essence of the staking option revolves around offering users several pools where they can stake their NFTs. Players are free to select which NFTs they are willing to stake and the pools in which they wish to allocate their assets. The NFT Staking function acts as a powerful element aimed at retaining users.
Interesting facts
Several Pools for Staking
Powerful Tool for Retention
Easy-to-use Interface
Our Contribution

RedPill Studio developed the entire functionality necessary for allowing players of the Chimeras Metaverse to stake their NFTs and in-game assets.

The team at RedPill Studio created a full set of tools, smart contracts, and a web user interface designed for managing the staking process of the Chimera project’s native tokens.

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