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Develop your nft marketplace with us

Develop your nft marketplace with us

RedPill is a full-cycle studio specializing in the development of NFT marketplaces as sub-components of holistic ecosystems for brands, sports teams, celebrity fan pages, and more. As an established NFT development company, the studio offers all related services, including conceptual design, art style formation, branded animation, graphics development, deployment and infrastructure release.

Our clients can rely on our products to develop native ecosystems and fast-track their transition and establishment in Web3 space. Let’s discuss your project and find the most suitable solution.
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What are NFTs?

NFT is the abbreviation for Non-Fungible Token – a type of blockchain-based asset that contains a unique identification code imprint used for establishing ownership rights and full transaction history tracking. This feature makes each NFT immutable and negates the possibility of clone minting or tampering with the original.

NFTs leverage the basic fundamental programming principles used in cryptocurrencies, with some distinguishing features that make them ideal for application in various use case scenarios, such as white label list formation, tethering to physical assets, and more.

Unlike cryptocurrencies, which can be replicated, NFTs are unique, thus basing their value on the principles of rarity. With supply being limited to only one unit of any given NFT, demand will be formed based on the actual value embedded within the underlying concepts that the asset embodies.

Develop your nft marketplace with us
Develop your nft marketplace with us

What makes us stand out from other NFT marketplace developers

NFT marketplace development is a task requiring the combination of experience, foresight, technical expertise, and flexibility. What sets us apart from other NFT marketplace development companies is our vast and combined experience in the creation of entire ecosystems, where the marketplace is an integral part of the system. Our NFT marketplace development services extend to consultations, project planning, concept drafting, implementation, deployment, and tuning.

The complete cycle of NFT website development with supporting venues ensures that your brand will stand out with a strong value proposition and technical infrastructure, making it attractive for both audiences and investors. Our highly competitive NFT marketplace development cost policies and client-oriented approach ensure that any white label NFT marketplace we deploy will serve the host ecosystem as a one-stop shop for all sales and advertising activities.

Key NFT Marketplace Components

Develop your nft marketplace with us


The storefront is a critical element in NFT platform development, as it provides website visitors with exhaustive information about listed assets, including their names, descriptions, pricing, technical specifications, ratings, and much more.

Develop your nft marketplace with us

Search System

NFT marketplace app development would be incomplete without a comprehensive search system that allows users to easily browse and find the assets they are looking for. The partitioning of assets by categories and classes makes it easier for users to navigate any white label NFT marketplace.

Develop your nft marketplace with us


Part of NFT marketplace platform development foresees the inclusion of numerous filters, which allow users to sort listed NFTs by type, collection, release date, and many other criteria.

Develop your nft marketplace with us


The wallet acts as a vital element of any NFT marketplace, as it gives users the repository necessary to store their purchased assets and the funds they will be using to make transactions. Connection to a wallet, native or external, is therefore a must, adding convenience, liquidity flow options, and functionality to the marketplace.

Develop your nft marketplace with us

Trading History

The trading history section allows users to analyze the key transaction metrics of the platform and the assets listed on it based on dates, product types, prices, trading volumes, and much more.

Develop your nft marketplace with us

Rating and Reviews

The ratings and review section gives insight into the performance of assets, buyers, and sellers. Users leave their feedback through upvotes or downvotes on specific assets or other users based on satisfaction with the transaction experience.

Develop your nft marketplace with us

Push Notification System

The notification system is an essential component that notifies users about specific events within a desired category, including asset status changes, collection updates, listings, sales, user messages, and many others.

Develop your nft marketplace with us

Support Service

The support service is an inextricable part of any marketplace, ensuring prompt and round-the-clock troubleshooting, as well as resolution of any issues users may be having while interacting with the platform.

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