Website-Facilitated Token Purchases

The RedPill studio team implemented the purchase of native Chimera Metaverse CHIM tokens directly through the game’s website. The process was made possible via the integration of a direct purchase API into the project website to allow users to purchase CHIM tokens without having to redirect them to external platforms. The mechanism was made furthermore attractive for users through the incorporation of a guide with instructions on how to buy CHIM tokens.
Interesting facts
Direct Purchase API
Clear Instructions Guide
Our Contribution

The development team integrated a plugin into the project’s web page, which allows players to buy project tokens directly through the website without having to redirect to external sources.

The Chimeras Metaverse project website is connected to the blockchain, allowing users to directly link their wallets to a personal account. The purchase of CHIM tokens was made possible for the BUSD/ USDT/ BNB cryptocurrencies as trading pairs.

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