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Mini NFT Games are mini games, these games are implemented within the NFT games themselves and serve as mini games "in master game" to get points, which can then be exchanged for tokens according to the rules of the games.
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In these types of games, players earn in-game digital assets by completing daily missions, defeating monsters, and beating other players in arenas. These assets have a monetary value in real life and can be sold on cryptocurrency exchanges.

In this sense, these protocols permission to NFT asset holders put them to work by renting gaming assets to use in blockchain gaming experiences, digital art, or any other NFT asset. In this way, a user can rent an NFT by simply staking a guarantee and the set price, as well as entering a desired lease duration.


Optimized flexibility to short term

Your game will be personalized, so you can adapt it to the category of client you want, reach more audiences and get more benefits


Security executed with BlockChain

El blockchain offers transparency (All participants can see all the information contained in the distributed database).


Multi Platform Client

This reNFT protocol it would make it easier for players to keep the non-fungible tokens of multiple clients in their wallets at the same time, without creating friction or failure.


Make money with a growing business

Technology blockchain live a promising time in the field of investments and expectations

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